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Purchasing a home made easy.

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Open Mortgage

Perfect for you if...

You are looking for the flexibility of making increased or additional payments, to pay off your mortgage in full early or refinance or renegotiate your mortgage.

Key features
  • Competitive rates
  • Pre-approvals available
  • Low cost life, and disability insurance available
  • No application fee
  • Weekly, biweekly, or monthly repayment schedules

Closed Mortgage

Perfect for you if...

You are looking for convenient payment schedules - which can make you save thousands of dollars. 

Key features
  • Flexible repayment term - choice of amortization
  • Renewal terms of 6 months to 5 years
  • Competitive rates
  • Pre-approvals available
  • Maximum amortization - 25 years

Total Access Home Equity

Perfect for you if...

You are looking for the convenience of using your home's equity whenever you want. Unlock your home's equity to meet your ever-changing financial needs. 

Key features
  • Access up to 80% of your home's value at anytime
  • Customized mortgage terms
  • Flexible payment options
  • Save interest charges with debt consolidation
  • Low-cost life and disability insurance available

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Not sure which mortgage is right for you?

We’ll be happy to help you pinpoint the option that best suits your needs.

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Credit Union Firsts

What do automated teller machines, consumer loans, daily interest savings accounts and electronic payment cards have in common with weekly mortgage payments? These financial services, which are now considered industry standards, were all pioneered by credit unions.
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Choosing the right mortgage option

With more than one type of mortgage, you have flexibility and choice. Our mortgages are designed to meet your needs and our knowledgeable, friendly staff will guide you through the mortgage process.
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Take a look at the latest competitive rates we offer for our mortgages.
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Level up your financial know-how

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Purchasing a home is no easy task. Our guide is your one-stop, go-to resource for all things homebuying.

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With a little preparation, you can get top marks on your mortgage stress test when the time comes to buy your first home.

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