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Life Insurance

Insurance is an important part of your financial plan, no matter where you are in life

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Peace of mind for you and your family, for life

We work with our trusted partner CUMIS to offer life insurance that gives you peace of mind and provides you with coverage for whatever comes your way. 

Key benefits 

  • Lower rates for women and non-smokers
  • Flexible payment options
  • Coverage from $10,000 to $500,000

Why choose us?

24/7 claims service

  • Access to a claims appeal process
  • Guaranteed service with preferred repair and replacement contractors

Flexible coverage

  • Bundle home and auto and save
  • Receive free additional advice for incidents that are not covered

Quick quotes

  • Enjoy competitive rates

Full range of plans

  • Whole Life
  • Infinity Term
  • Universal Term
  • Versatile Term

Call for a quote: 1-800-263-9120 or Email:

Reach out for a personalized insurance quote based on your needs.

Find out more about how to file a claim with our insurance provider.

Not sure of the insurance you need? We’ll be happy to help you figure it out.

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Introducing our trusted insurance partner

CUMIS is trusted by Canadian credit unions to help predict, reduce, and manage your exposure to risk by providing our members with a full range of insurance: 

  • Life insurance
  • Travel insurance
  • Critical Illness and Disability insurance 
  • Home and Auto insurance

How we can help?

Life insurance options for all of life’s stages

Products from term insurance policies to full life coverage, and everything in between.  Find your perfect fit.

  • Life
  • Home & Auto
  • Travel

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