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    Robo Investing

    Invest your money, not your time with a simple online service that does it all for you.

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    Why invest with VirtualWealth?

    Investing made easy

    A fully automated online service you don’t need to monitor or manage.

    Personalized portfolio

    A professionally designed portfolio matched to your financial goals.

    Balanced to your needs

    Regular rebalancing to keep your investments aligned with your goals.

    Support from experts

    Continuous portfolio oversight by a team of investment experts.

    Help on hand

    Assistance from knowledgeable reps when you need it.

    Variety of options

    A full range of investments and account types for all your investing needs.


    Not sure if a VirtualWealth account is right for you?

    We’ll be happy to help review your options and see if a VirtualWealth® account is what you need.

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    Learn about investing, from accounts, to products, to strategies and more.

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    Take a look at the latest, competitive rates on offer for our investing solutions.

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    Try our calculators for help planning out your investment strategy.


    Level up your financial know-how

    Guide to saving & investing, opens in a new tab

    Want to learn more about investing? Wish you could save more and spend less? This guide has you covered.

    Ethical investing: What is it?, opens in a new tab

    What are ethical investments? We’re here to explain the basics and debunk some myths you may have heard.


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