If your account needs are pretty basic (you do under 10 Everyday Transactions monthly) the BASIC package will by your most cost-effective choice. 

Monthly Fee:

     $3.95 due on the last day of each month

Enjoy up to 10 of the following Everyday* transactions:

  • Bill payment (In Branch, online or via BayLine)
  • Cheques
  • Direct Debits / Pre-authorized payments
  • Interac® Direct Payment (POS) 
  • Interac® Flash
  • Interac® Online
  • Transfers (In Branch, online or via BayLine)
  • Withdrawals (Credit Union ATM or In branch)

For pricing of transactions or services not included in the monthly package fee see ADDITIONAL FEES

*If maximum number of transactions is reached, each Everyday Transaction fee is $0.90