Estate Planning

A carefully considered and up-to-date estate plan is one of the most thoughtful gifts you can leave for your loved ones. Your estate plan ensures your wishes and directions are known and can be carried out.

Estate planning will help bring peace of mind by outlining your wishes and articulating how your affairs should be handled at the end of your life. Estate planning will help you define your current situation, describe your goals, and identify options for ensuring your assets are transferred according to your wishes.

Estate planning should include the creation of your Will, power of attorney (POA) and other essential documents. When someone passes away without a Will provincial legislation dictates how the estate will be distributed. Having a legal Will is the only way to ensure that your wishes for your estate are followed.

Will Basics

Always work with a professional when creating a Will. Do-it-yourself Will kits and holographic Wills can leave important details out, and leave things open to different interpretations. By working with a professional you can ensure your Will says – and does – exactly what you want it to. A professional will also ensure you select an appropriate executor and trustee. The list of responsibilities for the executor is long and there is potential for personal liability for your executor. Naming a family member or friend as your executor may not always be your best option. In certain circumstances, a corporate executor may be more appropriate.

Life Planning

It is also as important to plan for a possible illness, accident or disability. A Power of Attorney for Property empowers a person or trust company to manage your financial affairs during your lifetime. A power of attorney should be both trustworthy and competent to handle the responsibility. Since a power of attorney grants a tremendous degree of authority to the appointed attorney in handling your financial affairs and property matters, you’ll want to consider who you choose carefully.

Protecting your assets during your lifetime and achieving your end-of-life goals are an important part of planning. These documents will help you through the process:

 Planning Your Estate Guide

Selecting the Right Executor and Trustee

Corporate Executors

Powers of Attorney

Joint Accounts

Trusts and Trustees

Record Keeping 

Funeral Instructions

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