Acting As Executor

Acting as an Executor

The role of an executor can be difficult and stressful at times, and it helps to have the input of an expert. We work with Concentra Trust, a national trust company. They have assisted credit unions for over 65 years to deliver professional estate and trust solutions in Canada.

Executor EASE is a flexible, affordable solution that assists executors to understand and conduct the duties and responsibilities of administering an estate. Executors may require additional assistance when:

  • the executor doesn’t have the time or expertise, or lives out of province;
  • the estate is extensive or complex or includes businesses or farm assets;
  • there are many beneficiaries;
  • there’s potential for family conflict such as blended families or beneficiaries that don’t get along; or
  • there’s no Will.

Concentra Trust works with estates of all sizes and can be retained at any time during the estate administration process. The executor can select the services they require whether they need help preparing the probate application or more comprehensive assistance with all of their executor duties. As executor, you will:

  • receive a one-on-one no cost, no obligation estate consultation with an estate and trust specialist,
  • be offered appropriate solutions tailored to the estate,
  • select only the services required, nothing more, whether the estate is simple or complex, and
  • the estate pays only for the selected services, nothing more.

To learn more about Executor EASE, please contact Concentra Trust directly:

 1-800-788-6311 # 1888

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Concentra Trust is a national trust company specializing in estate and trust solutions for over 65 years. The strength of Concentra comes from deep roots in the co-operative system, built on shared values to grow and serve communities across Canada. They specialize in personalized service, impartial guidance and peace of mind for Canadians.

800.788.6311 # 1888