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    Merchant Services

    Simple, affordable and intuitive payment systems for your business, with a truly personal approach.
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    SONA provides competitive pricing and tailored solutions to simplify payment acceptance. In an industry known for confusion and misleading claims, SONA puts it all on the table with clear, honest, transparent information and a fresh approach. Powered by the world’s largest payment processing companies, they offer cutting-edge technology to improve business and commerce transactions.

    How can we help?

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    Whatever your business and customer needs, SONA has point-of-sale devices and solutions for you. 
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    An e-commerce site that’s attractive, intuitive and secure is now crucial to success.
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    Process credit, debit and digital wallet payments anywhere, anytime with your smartphone or tablet.
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    Reward loyal, repeat customers with the convenience and simplicity of digital loyalty and gift cards.

    Why choose SONA?

    No hidden fees

    No more hidden costs – our rates are completely transparent and guaranteed.

    Guaranteed transparency

    In an industry full of small print and misleading claims, we do things differently. We want our customers to feel like we’re all on the same page, every step of the way.

    No cancellation needed

    SONA is so confident that you’ll love working with them that should you ever need to cancel your service, SONA will cover any cancellation fees.

    Personalized service

    Our team will take the time to thoroughly understand your business and find you the right payment solution. Once you’re on board, you’ll always have access to prompt account and technical support from your dedicated account manager.

    Trusted from coast to coast

    We’re very proud of the relationships we’ve developed with businesses and associations across the whole of Canada and the USA. Our clients trust us to provide services that are critical to the success of their businesses, and we are honored by that trust. We are international in our outlook and ambitions, but the open and friendly spirit of Nova Scotia will always be central to the SONA ethos.

    Innovative technology

    We offer cutting-edge payment technologies for any scenario, from mobile to in-store and online, in combination with real-time monitoring, allowing you to process customer payments more efficiently and keep track of payments 24/7, no matter where you are in the world.

    Not sure which solution is right for your business?

    We’ll be happy to help you pinpoint the payment processing option that best suits your business needs.

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