Jennifer Irvin


Jennifer Irvin

Jennifer is a business owner of a local waste removal company and has been a member of Bayview Credit Union since 2018.

Her working career has mainly been served in contact centers. Jennifer started working in her first contact center in 1998. She moved to Saint John in 2000 and started working at a local contact center selling insurance. She quickly moved into a management role where she stayed until 2016. Jennifer coached teams of 2-18 people and personally developed several members of her own team to become managers in the contact center. During her years in the insurance world, Jennifer worked in sales, service, underwriting and a one-year term doing an internal audit. In 2016 Jennifer joined her husband in his business and have been growing their local footprint over the last 5 years in Saint John.

Jennifer’s way of giving back to her community is to knit for local charities, make food for local soup kitchens and, through their business, they donate funds to local charities involving the youth of their community. Jennifer and her husband feel “by giving our youth opportunities, they will grow up to be proud serving members of our city.”

Jennifer has hands on experience as a small business owner and working for a large corporation. These two extremes bring a vast range of skills that will serve well for a credit union. She has great people skills and can adapt to any environment.

While Jennifer may have limited experience in working on a “board”, she is very well versed in working in a team environment and understands team dynamics and the sharing of ideas and responsibilities.

“I am a personal and professional individual in every aspect of my life. I am invested in the growth of our community and appreciate how Bayview can contribute to that growth.”