Receiving a US Wire Transfer from Canada

If you are sending a US Dollar Wire Transfer to a Canadian Credit Union, the following is the information will you need. 

Provide these routing instructions to the ordering customer (sender).

The transfer details must be completed EXACTLY as follows.

Infomation to provide to sender:

If located within Canada or any country OTHER THAN U.S., pay direct to:  SWIFT BIC: BKTRUS33

Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas
New York, USA
Receiver's Correspondent
SWIFT field 54
Correspondent Bank
(Intermediary FI)
SWIFT field 56
Beneficiary Bank
(Account with Institution)
SWIFT field 57

Central 1 Credit Union
Deutsche Bank Account No. 04459732
Beneficiary Bank
(Account with Institution)
SWIFT field 58
Beneficiary Customer
SWIFT field 59
Member's route and transit and account number

Please see sample cheque below
In this example the number is:

Cheque for Cdn Funds Wire Transfer in Cda

Member's name
Member's address
Payment details
(Remittance information)
SWIFT field 70
 Credit union name
Credit union address
Sender to Receiver Information
SWIFT field 72

Find Branch/ATM

Enter address, postal code or branch name