Fund Your Dreams with a
Behavioural Cash Flow


  • Do you feel like you make a great income but you should get more from it?

  • Do you feel like your personal finances are all product, and no plan?

  • Would you like to find a way to fund your dreams and get more life from the money you have?

CacheFlo is a Behavioural Cash Flow Strategy:

A written document including specific advice on personal spending based on a standardized process that allows a Financial Professionals to take into account an individual’s income, expenses, proximity to retirement (or other major goals), assets and liabilities and recommend how much an individual can spend on the things he/she can actually control in order to achieve their dreams!  

A Behavioural Cash Flow Strategy Can:
  • Find you the money to fund your dreams.
  • Show you how to save tens, if not hundreds, of  thousands of dollars. 
  • Help you stop money leaks on stuff that doesn’t matter so you’ve got lots of money for the stuff that does.
  • Finally, tell you what TO DO, not just WHAT TO BUY!

We will help you find the combination of what most people leak out in inefficient interest and unconscious spending on items that don’t even matter.  It can really add up to a thousand dollars a month.

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