For the Love of New Brunswick

For the Love of New Brunswick

The Shop Local Shift

As consumers, there is power in where we spend our money. Every time you open your wallet you’re making a choice—from the products you buy, to the businesses you support, to what you’re cooking for dinner, these choices make an impact. Where we spend our money matters and when we choose to spend more of it locally, not only are we supporting our neighbours, we’re making a real, tangible difference in our communities.

It’s simple: when you buy local, more of your money stays local. Your dollars recirculate back into the community, boosting the local economy, and ultimately, creating more jobs. It’s estimated that

if Atlantic Canadians shift just five per cent of their spending towards buying within our borders, we will create thousands of jobs across the region in the next five years.

And it isn’t just about buying local products. Last month, the New Brunswick public sector driven Excellence NB launched a new campaign called For the Love of New Brunswick. The campaign urges New Brunswickers to commit to making the five per cent shift to buying local—that includes not only products, but local services and experiences too. It’s a shift all of us can consider, no matter where we’re based in Atlantic Canada.

For credit unions, it’s a challenge that aligns with our values. As co-ops, our members aren’t just our customers—they’re also our owners. That means when we profit, our members profit—and that money stays local. Contributing to the communities where we live and work is how we do business. We believe that when we support our communities and use our purchasing power to shop local, great things will happen. When you give to a small business, that small business gives back. They’re more likely to employ people in your community, to support local causes, and to spend their revenue at other local businesses.

We invite you to join us in making the shift. It’s not about spending more—it’s about spending smarter. A few small changes can make a big impact in our communities.



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