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Travel Insurance

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Planning a trip? Don’t just treat yourself with a getaway – treat yourself to the peace of mind you deserve!

With TIC Travel Medical Insurance you can spend your vacation focusing on the fun, whether you’re traveling overseas or taking a day trip across the border.

With highly affordable rates and extensive coverage options you can’t go wrong – and you don’t have to be a Bayview member to purchase TIC Travel Insurance.

Travel Insurance Basics…What Should You Consider?

Medical care is expensive-particularly outside Canada. Many hospitals in the United States charge exorbitant hourly fees for emergency services. That means that even if you escape a travel-related accident with only minor injuries, you could still end up facing major medical bills.

TIC Travel Insurance allows you to relax while you’re out of Canada. Whether you’re vacationing abroad or perhaps just visiting the U.S. on a day trip, you can rest easier knowing you’re protected should anything happen.

Some coverage options to consider:

Contact your branch for more information and to review specific policy rates.