Bayview Credit Union – NB

Standard GICs

Our standard GICs are a solid way to earn interest on your investment dollars.  Fixed terms range from 30 days to 5 years, and your interest return is guranteed at the time of purchase.  Add to this the Bayview advantage of profit sharing on your investment business and the earnings grow even higher. Standard GICs are available for purchase in both RRSP (1-5 years only) and non-RRSP format.

If you’re looking for no-hassle, worry-free investing, Bayview GICs are your solution!

Standard GICs

Description » Guaranteed Investment Certificate
Terms » 30-59 days
60-89 days
90-119 days
120-179 days
180-269 days
270-364 days
1-5 years
Interest Type » Compound Annual
RRSP Available » Yes (1-5 years only)
RRIF Available » Yes (1-5 years only)
Minimum Amount » 30-364 days, Non-RRSP only: $5,000
1-5 years, RRSP & Non-RRSP: $500
Early Redeemable » No
Survivorship » Yes
Deposit Insured » Yes  NBCUDIC


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