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RRSP Catch Up Loan

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What’s the Plan?

Need to top up your RRSP but short on cash?  An RRSP Catch-Up Loan from Bayview Credit Union is the simple and affordable solution!

An RRSP Catch-up loan can help you recover some unused RRSP contribution room from previous years. If you don’t have the cash to contribute this year, it can be a helpful way to still get your RRSP deposit made.  There’s no better reason to consider borrowing than to help secure your future income.

What’s the Deal?

Right now Bayview is offering 1 Year Investment loans up to $10,000 for qualified borrowers, and a special campaign rate as low as 1% above Prime (rates subject to change) when you borrow to catch up on your RRSP contributions.”

Contact your Bayview branch today to set an appointment with a lending specialist who can help you your options to ensure a happy financial future.

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